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Event Cover & Photoshoots

Making and keeping happy clients is always a first priority with any of our work besides providing impressive and special results.

We provide a range of services from equine event photography where it all started out for my business to wedding/party events and photoshoots.

Equestrian Event Cover

Where it all started. From horse riding for 10 years myself to now moving into photographing it, equestrian has always been in my life and a main interest. I currently cover an equestrian centre and their whole calendars events and can cover a range of events you might need too!

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I am delving into the world of personalised packages for photoshoots from equine photoshoots to car shoots to portrait photoshoots!

To find out more about photoshoots and the different types I offer just visit my Photoshoots page by clicking on the picture here!


Starting from Summer 2021 I have been doing wedding videography as well as Ball and Party Photography.

Find out more on this by either emailing me or clicking the picture beside to visit my dedicated ball photography page!